Welcome To Real-Time Track and Trace!


Comcar is excited to announce that we are installing Spireon track and trace systems to our trailers. We expect to have our entire trailer fleet outfitted in the next few months. This technology provides industry-leading trailer management solutions that are critical for our fleet management and for enhanced load tracking capability for our customers.

Comcar trailers carry freight nationwide, including commodities such as cement, chemicals, lumber and refrigerated and dry van goods. With over 1025 tractors and over 3000 trailers, Comcar provides a wide range of shipping options to meet our customers’ needs.  Our goal is to operate at the highest standards of safety, compliance and operational efficiency. Spireon’s technology will help us maintain a leading position in this industry while maximizing the utilization of our fleet.

Better Customer Service

Load tracking is an integral part of the customer’s shipping experience. Using Spireon’s advanced technology, we can provide the exact location and condition of your load in real-time. Our investment is designed to allow you to keep an eye on your goods as often as you like, from booking to delivery! Visit our Load Tracker page.

Driver Safety and Performance

With Spireon technology, we will be able to closely monitor your precious cargo from origin to destination, preserving cargo product integrity and giving operations visibility to our dispatchers for optimal movement efficiency. Our great drivers will now have and extra set of “eyes” helping to make your Comcar experience better than ever.