Dry & Liquid Truckload

Comcar subsidiaries work across a variety of modes to provide truckload asset-based carriage.  This includes dry bulk (such as cement compounds, fly ash, slag, sand and lime), liquid bulk chemical (such as water treatment polymers, cleaning compounds, paper and fluorine chemicals, resins and coatings), intermodal, dry van and flatbed (specializing in construction materials), through common carriage and with dedicated fleets.  Comcar subsidiaries also offer freight brokerage where need to meet client shipping requirements.  And retail direct delivery.

Refrigerated Truckload

Comcar subsidiaries can also handle refrigerated freight shipments.  These subsidiaries haul frozen foods (to -10 degrees), produce, flowers and plants and whatever else that needs to haul in a temperature-controlled environment.

Specialized Truckload

Includes flatbed. Comcar subsidiaries handle over-dimensional, overweight, specialized shipments as one of its core competencies.  In the regular course of business, the company moves large and bulky items like cranes, sanders, dozers, tanks and more across the continental U.S.  Comcar also handles power-only (or tow away) shipments with 5th wheel or pintle hooks.  And for job sites without forklifts on hand, the company also has trucks with moffetts or piggybacks for delivering those shipments.

CT Transportation

Flatbed carrier that specializes in construction materials; services include long haul, regional and short haul flatbed, dedicated fleets and brokerage.

CTL Transportation

Liquid bulk chemical carrier, with dedicated fleets, specialized equipment and single sourcing.

MCT Transportation

Primarily hauls refrigerated and dry van commodities over-the-road, offering services for dedicated fleets, foliage, brokerage and third party logistics.

CCC Transportation

Bulk carrier that also includes dry van, intermodal, dedicated fleets, logistics and retail direct delivery.