Satellite image of Hurricane Harvey on Friday morning. (NOAA/NASA)

NEWS AND ALERTS- Last update: September 20th, 2017

  • Our drivers are carefully delivering again in safe areas and our operations have resumed in all locations.
  • Force Majeure is no longer in effect.
  • Some of our employees have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Join our campaign to raise money for those in need by visiting Over $10,000 has already been raised! Texas also received a truck full of relief supplies. Thank you to those who have contributed!



September 20th Force Majeure Notice Update

Dear Customer:

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that Comcar Industries, Inc. (“Comcar”) has lifted its declaration of force majeure issued on August 25, 2017 for providing transportation or carrier services in the affected areas of Texas and Southern Louisiana. This force majeure declaration was made necessary by the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

As Comcar resumes its operations in those areas, it will continue to use appropriate and commercially reasonable means to provide services to you.

We appreciate your patience during this transition.


Comcar Industries, Inc.


August 25th Force Majeure Notice

Dear Customer:

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control arising from the approaching Hurricane Harvey, Comcar Industries and its subsidiaries (collectively “Comcar”) is unable to safely operate in key areas of Texas and Southern Louisiana in the path of Hurricane Harvey and has declared Force Majeure effective today, August 25, 2017, for the transportation of any cargo in those areas.

In accordance with Comcar’s Bill of Lading, General Exceptions, and/or any similar provisions contained in any applicable transportation or carrier service contract, Comcar is unable to meet any obligations and is not otherwise legally responsible for any loss or damages because of this Act of God, and/or Force Majeure event and/or any subsequent civil unrest. Accordingly, performance under any such bills of lading or contracts is, to that extent, frustrated and no cause of action for breach or liability will arise as a consequence of this Force Majeure and any subsequent civil unrest.

While we expect to resume full operations of our transportation or carrier services in those areas affected in the near term, we cannot yet determine the full impact or duration of this situation and regret any inconvenience this tragic event may cause you due to these circumstances beyond our control. We will continue our force majeure status until it is determined safe to operate in those affected areas and will allocate available transportation and carrier services in a manner that is fair and reasonable and in accordance with contract terms.

Comcar’s primary concern is the safety of our employees, the community, and our facilities. We will continue to monitor this situation and use appropriate and commercially reasonable means to provide you with service.

We sincerely appreciate your patience during this difficult time.


Comcar Industries, Inc.