New Trucks Heading Our Way!

New 2017 International Trucks are coming for our drivers! Comcar has initiated an International Upgrade Replacement Program with the delivery of new 2017 LT Series Internationals Trucks. Drivers across our companies will enjoy 54 new trucks by the end of the year. We listen to our drivers! Our goal is to provide them with the industry-leading reliable equipment they need to dependably move freight.

Want to know what to look forward to in this new series? Everything!

Internationals Upgrade

Equipped with the ultra-reliable Cummins X15 engines, these new tractors have improved aerodynamics with increased fuel efficiency.  With aluminum wheels and Michelin tires, the new units will also provide the latest features for driver comfort and safety.  The Comcar Team is excited to receive these new trucks.  The manufacturing of these units begins this October and we will take delivery as soon as they are ready.

Cummins X15Want to learn more? Visit International’s website at to read more about this series’ options and specs.

We can’t wait to share our driver’s photos with their new equipment!




December 2017 Update!

The first set of trucks have been assigned and more are on their way. Steve Reid, President of CT Transportation, LLC is pictured below with driver-trainer Mark David Jenkins who has been with us for 14 years. David received his new International this week!

MCT Transportation, LLC also received new units. Mike Hubble and Michael Whittle are pictured below with a new MCT truck ready for assignment!

New MCT Truck