Communication Is Vital In Our Industry!


We are striving for continuous improvement in our communication with our drivers, office staff, family members and our customers. Creating two-way communication systems are a priority for a successful dialog.

Last year we updated our website to offer a consolidated platform for potential drivers and customers to learn more about Comcar. Our goal is to continue growing our website to provide updated and relevant information with improved, easy-to-find communication in mind as well as easy to use tools for our employees.

On the website, you can now find Weather Alerts that provide updated information to our employees and their families as well as our customers, regarding severe weather that could affect our drivers, terminals and service locations.

We also introduced “Hey Mike” which was created for our employees to be able to communicate directly with Mike Ryan, our CEO. “Hey Mike” is designed to empower all of our employees to grow Comcar, one business solution at a time.

As an employee, if you see something, say something! Tell Mike about your idea for new business we ought to pursue, or a business process we could improve. Take action! That’s what “Hey Mike” is all about. Now our employees will be able to send their ideas and solutions directly to Mike!

We also introduced a new weekly driver communication tool with our Red Light / Green Light Project. The message is a simple question…“Did you have a good week?” This message is received through the drivers’ Qualcomm units and it enables them to reply with a quick “yes” or “no” which gives our management team an immediate alert to follow up with each driver.

This 2018 we will continue to invest in our employees and their families. Improving communication with new tools and programs is just one more way to work as a team to grow Comcar together!