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“Hey Mike” was created for you to be able to communicate directly with Mike Ryan. “Hey Mike” is designed to empower all of our employees to grow Comcar, one business solution at a time.

Have you ever driven by a location multiple times without seeing any of our trucks and asked yourself, “I wonder why I never see Comcar trucks there?” Do you know of a great company we could partner with, but don’t, and wonder, “Why don’t we do business with them?” Maybe you have seen something we do that you know we could be doing better, at a terminal or a facility, and you just don’t know who to send your ideas to.

As an employee, if you see something, say something! Tell Mike about your idea for new business we ought to pursue, or a business process we could improve to reduce unnecessary costs. Take action! That’s what “Hey Mike” is all about. Now you will be able to send your ideas and solutions directly to Mike! Email me below or at heymike@comcar.com.

Let’s grow Comcar together!

Mike Ryan

Hey Mike,

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