At Comcar Industries, we engage in continuous safety practices which provide our drivers with a safe environment and our customers with the event free delivery of their valuable cargo.

Two of our best ambassadors in safety are CT Transportation drivers Mike Lassiter and David Grayson.  They are incident and injury free for more than 25 years, and approaching 60 years combined.

Mr. Mike Lassiter is from Savannah, GA.  He began his career driving for CT Transportation after seeing an ad in the newspaper.  After completing his CDL course at Savannah Tech, he launched his trucking career with passion. According to Mike, his loyalty to safety and his dedication to CT Transportation is driven by the care and moral support that the company has been providing to him since day one. He continuously devoted his time and efforts to the company while maintaining his safety performance at the highest levels.  Mike Lassiter is a regular guy.  When he is not on the road, Mike enjoys watching movies, listening to music and spending time with family.  Now working in his 27th year, Mike continuously delivers effectively and safely.  One of his greatest contributions is his being a role model for safe operations at CT Transportation.

Mr. David Grayson, also from Savannah, GA, has executed his driving tasks injury and incident free for 26 years, and counting.  After leaving the retail industry, David took afternoon classes to obtain his Class A CDL and launched his career with CT Transportation. David’s primary goal was to return home safely from every assignment.  David’s record with CT Transportation is one of the best in the industry.  While David is on the road, “doing his best everyday”, he sets the best example and the highest of standards in safety for CT Transportation. To David, maintaining good customer relationships and delivering loads safely and on–time sets his performance apart from other drivers.  David loves driving and the ability to see all the different areas of our great country from the comfort of his tractor.

All of us at CT Transportation, and all of Comcar Industries, are fortunate to have such incredible driver role models as Mike and David.  We are proud to have them as our team mates in the freight transportation industry as they each advance towards three decades of record setting driver performance.  Continued safe travels to you both!