At Comcar, we continue to focus on driver retention and profitable business growth.


In recent times, we drifted away from providing a 401(k) company match to our drivers.  That was a mistake we are correcting, right now.  The 401(k) company match for drivers is back!  We understand the importance of investing in our drivers’ retirement. Contributing to our driver’s 401(k) is one more step we are taking this year to continue to enhance our benefits package for drivers.


Every little bit saved adds up to what will be the most significant retirement planning tool for our drivers. For many, a 401(k) will be the cornerstone of a retirement income plan.  We want to reward our drivers by contributing to their retirement nest eggs.  The matching contributions can add up to thousands of dollars of free money for each driver, every year!


Our drivers are great. We plan to continue to maintain an environment to take care of them while they transport the important customer freight.  Maintaining a work environment which promotes driver interest and retention is a key objective at Comcar.  The company match program will be up and running in the 4th quarter of this year.