CTTS is celebrating a year of outstanding safety!
CTTS, one of Comcar’s operating companies is celebrating over one year of no lost time injuries! CTTS service offerings include: Accident Repair & Body Work, Sand Blasting, Painting, Fabrication, Welding, and Suspension Repair. The work they complete is of the highest quality and performed with flawless safety!

Understanding the importance of safety, and committing to a ZERO tolerance safety program is paramount for our company. Comcar continues to advance a SAFETY FIRST culture. Sustainable company growth cannot be achieved without the strong foundation of industry leading Safety performance.

To all our employees across our entire company the message is clear, safety comes first!

“We do not just talk about safety. We attack areas of risk, always improving our safety practices and accepting nothing less than ZERO as the tolerance level for unsafe actions and conditions. In many safety categories in 2018, we have improved by upwards of 75%.”

– Mike Ryan, CEO Comcar Industries, INC.