Founded in 1964, CTL has built a reputation as a quality service company in the general chemical transportation industry. A specialized niche business, we offer superior liquid bulk transportation solutions backed by strategic terminal locations, reliable capacity and clean safety record.


Striving To Deliver Above Your Expectations.

Chemical bulk transportation is a complicated process that requires specialized drivers, equipment and a thorough understanding of compliance and safety systems. We are experienced servicing all 48 contiguous states with Short Haul, Mid Haul and Long Haul routes. In an industry with rising capacity concerns, our dedication to providing trustworthy capacity relief is what sets us apart and places us a cut above our competitors. Our Unique Services Include: Dedicated Services and Single Sourcing.

What We Haul:

  • Water Treatment Polymers and Cleaning Compounds
  • Paper and Fluorine Chemicals
  • Resins and Coatings and Performance Products

What We Don’t Haul:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Food-grade products
  • Gasoline

Our sophisticated Qualcomm Satellite, McLeod dispatching and EDI billing capabilities ensure a timely, error-free pickup and delivery, flawless communication and accurate billing. With an exceptional customer service team ready to answer your questions any step of the way, you’ll know your cargo is in good hands.

Selecting The Right Liquid Bulk Carrier

While moving and storing liquids in bulk means significant savings for businesses, liquid chemical transportation takes constant vigilance in order to be safe and efficient. Selecting the right liquid bulk carrier can make a serious impact on the stability of your supply chain. Important details to look for in a liquid bulk trucking company include the capacity to meet your needs, specialization in liquid rather than general cargo and a clean safety record.

Challenges In Liquid Bulk Trucking

The very nature of liquid makes it difficult to transport, requiring liquid bulk transport companies to hire especially skilled drivers prepared to deal with the challenges it can present.

Called “surge,” when a truck is in motion, the liquid contained in the tank is free to slosh around. This movement can create momentum which throws off the balance of the truck. For instance, when stopping, the liquid can move back and forth causing the truck to shake. Surge requires drivers to often go even slower around turns or down steep inclines.

Density is also a problem liquid bulk drivers face. Liquids can have drastically different densities, and trucks with a full tank can exceed the weight limits set by the Federal Highway Administration. An experienced carrier is prepared for this and can plan to ensure the trip is safe and legal.

Outage is another thing tanker truck drivers have to keep in mind. When tanks heat up, many liquids can expand, called outage, requiring careful planning from dispatchers.

Hazmat Transportation

A large quantity of liquid bulk is considered HAZMAT. CTL transports Water Treatment Polymers, Cleaning Compounds, Paper and Fluorine Chemicals, Resins and Coatings, and Performance Products.

HAZMAT, a shorter term referring to hazardous material, are physical, chemical or biological substances that can cause harm to either the environment or people. HAZMAT can include liquids, solids, fumes dust or vapors. However, it’s worth noting that just because a substance qualifies as HAZMAT doesn’t mean it’s bad. For instance, hospitals require sterilizing solutions to keep facilities clean so that patients don’t get sick.

The transportation of HAZMAT requires extreme care as to keep the substance contained for the safety of everyone and everything involved in the transport. Truckers wear special suits and tanks are treated specially to ensure no direct or cross contamination occurs. National, state and local regulations control how HAZMAT must be handled. Good HAZMAT transportation companies have a team of experienced dispatchers and drivers to ensure regulations are followed properly.

Take The Red Tape Out Of Your Hazmat Transportation.

While some larger companies oversee their own transportation of goods and raw materials, for many companies, seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand make maintaining their own trucking system prohibitively expensive or too cumbersome for viability. It is here that a manufacturer will call in a third-party logistics trucking company to move their materials.

CTL specializes in chemical transportation with 85 percent of loads being HAZMAT, so you can be confident in our expertise.

Within chemical transportation lies many challenges that other logistical systems don’t have — and a big one is compliance. National, state and regional regulations restrict HAZMAT shipping processes. With nearly five decades of chemical trucking experience, CTL Transportation is fully versed in transporting liquid cargo to the letter of the law.

The law requires HAZMAT carriers to have a hazardous materials safety permit and drivers to be specifically HAZMAT certified. The transportation company is also liable for ensuring the material being shipped is in good enough condition. When you go with CTL Transportation for your liquid bulk hauling needs, you can be confident all these items are taken care of so you can focus on other things.



Whether it’s local, regional or long haul freight, we are poised to meet the demands of any customer in the industrial and special chemical industry. CTL got its start hauling bulk commodities for the phosphate industry in Central Florida. Over the years, we’ve expanded our focus, establishing ourselves as a significant player in the nationwide chemical hauling industry. Today, we’re a part of Comcar Industries, a leader in the U.S. transportation business. With strategically-located terminals, quality equipment and always-reliable capacity, we’re your dependable solution for full-service chemical hauling.

Operating Locations

Angleton, TX

Atlanta, GA

ST. Louis, IL

La Porte, TX

Jacksonville, FL

Mobile, AL

ST. Gabriel, LA

Sterlington, LA

Tampa, FL

Savannah, GA

Charlotte, NC

Cincinnati, OH

EL Dorado, AR


28318 FM 2004
Angleton, TX 77515

5310 New Kings Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32209

La Porte
11110 HWY 225
La Porte, TX 77571

5025 Range Line Road
Mobile, AL 36619

1675 Nolan Court
Morrow, GA 30260

322 Grange Road
Port Wentworth, GA 31407

St. Gabriel
3825 Louisiana Highway 30
St. Gabriel, LA 70776

St. Louis
1102 N. 1st Street
East St Louis, IL 62201

601 Old Sterlington Road
Sterlington, LA 71280

5619 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, Florida 33619

 Safety You Can Depend On

At CTL, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to safety and reliability. By utilizing an impressive array of technology, we’re able to stay in contact with our drivers every step of the way, ensuring that the the highest standards of safety, compliance and operational efficiency are met. In addition to McLeod dispatching and Qualcomm satellite tracking, our liquid bulk fleet boasts a variety of late-model tractors- over 60% are a 2015 model- making it one of the newest fleets in the industry.

We invite you to inspect our CSA scores. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues CSA scores to promote safety compliance and we believe you’ll be very pleased with our consistently strong results.

We offer exceptional employee training, recognize our drivers for their outstanding commitment to our culture of workplace safety and we have been consistently awarded SATISFACTORY ratings by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

CTL is proud to have underwent the vigorous certification process to become an American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Partner. The program is part of a global initiative to make businesses and communities safer and more sustainable. Being part of the Responsible Care Management System means CTL Transportation upholds the highest standards in environmental, health, safety and security management.


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Meet Our Leadership Team

Jim O’Donnell – Vice President and General Manager. Joined us in 2018
Luanne Galecke – VP of Operations. Joined us in 2016
Mark Niness – Regional Sales Director. Joined us in 2015


Our History In Liquid Bulk

Established in 1964, CTL got its start hauling bulk commodities for the phosphate industry in Central Florida. Over the years, we’ve expanded our focus, establishing ourselves as a significant player in the nationwide chemical hauling industry.

Today, we’re a part of Comcar Industries Inc., a leader in the U.S. transportation business. With strategically-located terminals, quality equipment and always-reliable capacity, we’re your dependable solution for full-service chemical hauling. Whether you’re looking for local, regional or nationwide service, look no further than CTL.

1964 – CTL Distribution was founded in Tampa as a public company specializing in bulk phosphate for Central Florida.

1980 -CTL relocated headquarters to Mulberry, FL. Multiple terminals were build in the following years including Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA, Mobile, AL and Atlanta, GA.

1985 – CTL Transportation becomes part of the Comcar transportation family.

2006CTL Distribution Inc became CTL Transportation, LLC.

Most recently, in November of 2016 a private equity firm purchased the majority ownership of Comcar Industries Inc keeping CTL Transportation, LLC part of one of the largest privately-owned companies in the transportation industry.

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Corporate Address:

502 E. Bridgers Avenue
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