From the Desk of Steve Reid, President of CT Transportation:

CT, the flatbed trucking division of Comcar Industries, has an exciting new Salary Pay Plan for our Regional Over the Road drivers!


For decades, thousands of drivers have told our leadership they do not like the unpredictability of pay and the frustration of not knowing how much they can expect to make each week. The practice of paying drivers by the mile, or by the load, has been the standard for years in the industry. This has created big swings in pay from one week to the next and creates unnecessary frustration for the driver and their family.


Those days are over. It is time for that to change at CT!!


As one of our Regional/Over the Road drivers, you are willing to sacrifice your time on the road away from home every week. You are away from family and friends, the comfort of your own bed, your shower, and your favorite chair! The last thing you should have to deal with is the uncertainty of how much you are going to make for that week on the road.


Starting April 5th, our Over the Road drivers who have been with us one year or more, will have a Salary Pay Plan. This program will give you the stability of income, the ability to do your job without the stress of “what’s my check going to be this week”, and the ability to plan your family budget!  AND, you will also have the opportunity to earn an additional Annual Bonus for every mile you run over 96,000 miles in a year.


For those Over the Road drivers still in your first year with CT – we haven’t forgotten about you! We will be increasing your pay to 52 cents per mile and you will be eligible to go on the Salary Pay Plan at your one year anniversary with CT.


Your Terminal Managers and Driver Managers have all the details!!! Over the next two weeks, please schedule a time to talk with them and learn all you need to know to be a salaried driver



Steve Reid