National response regarding COVID-19 or Coronavirus, is continuing and Comcar and its operating subsidiaries’ management teams are working hard to protect you and all of our customers. Our driver’s and dispatchers are on the “front lines” of this problem and our company is proud to serve business and customers as ever.

“Covid-19 is causing the mother of all supply chain disruptions,” said Peggy Dorf, an analyst with the freight marketplace, DAT Solutions. Emergency medical supplies like masks, ventilators and soap need to be transported from manufacturers to medical centers, and the raw materials that help
manufacturers build those things—paper, plastic, alcohol—need to get to the factory. Grocery shelves must quickly be restocked, while customers like schools no longer need their regular shipments. Americans everywhere are seeking more toilet paper.

So when you see a tractor-trailer moving on the road or in the city, please be thankful for the sacrifice that drivers are making to help us all endure this together.