Auburndale, FL, November 1, 2017 – Comcar Industries, Inc. today announced leadership changes.

Mike Ryan, President and CEO stated, “The changes we announced today will further align our resources and improve efficiencies throughout our trucking operations.  We remain committed to providing the safest service products to buyers with long term supply chain needs.”

Leaders assuming new roles or roles of expanded responsibility in the organization effective November 1, 2017, include:

Matt Staniszewski, who will serve as the Vice President of Sales for CCC Transportation-Dry Vans/Refrigerated and MCT Transportation- Dry Vans/Refrigerated

Tommy Heath, who will serve as the new Vice President of Sales for CCC Transportation-Bulk

Keith Harter, who will serve as the new Vice President & General Manager of CCC Transportation, assuming the combined leadership role for safety and operations for all CCC business

Manny Alvare, who will assume oversight of Information Technology in the new expanded role of Vice President of Information Technology, Legal, & Human Resources

Adney Davis, who will serve as the new Director of Corporate Communications

These changes will help to improve efficiency by combining and centralizing more of Comcar’s back shop functions, allowing the company to take advantage of an expanded platform of shared services supporting each of the lines of truck business. Comcar will continue to move in a centralized/shared services direction for finance, sales & marketing, contracts & pricing and training as the company heads into 2018.

“Demand for trucking services today in the freight market place is strong. We need to do everything we can to optimize participation in our key markets in order to realize our greatest earnings potential. Our earnings success will position us for reinvestment in our best performing lines of business and strengthen our company,” added Ryan.