Better providers and lowered premiums coming in 2019!


Comcar is excited to announce that this year they will be providing better coverage as they have partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Delta Dental and VSP Vision Care. Even better news, the premiums for 2019 will be less than the current 2018 employee premiums for similar coverage plans. All employees have received communication regarding the new providers and premiums from Comcar’s HR Benefits Department.

Comcar employees have only 1 more day to enroll in the 2019 benefits. This year there will be no rollover of benefits since new providers and packages have been introduced so all the employees will need to elect to participate in the 2019 health, dental, vision, and all other provided benefits.

Again, the 2019 Annual Open Enrollment is MANDATORY! As a Comcar employee, if you have not enrolled yet do it TODAY! You can enroll online at or call the Comcar Enrollment Call Center at 866-766-5013 (Hours of operation Mon-Fri 8am-8pm) before close of business Wednesday 11/14/18.