Job ID: 383133
Internal ID: Tractor Technician T-3 FMS
Department: Fleet Maintenance Services LLC
Employment Type: Full Time End Date: 31-Dec-2019
External Application: Main Application
Indeed: Current
Tampa, FL – Full Time

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The primary function of a Tractor Technician 3, is to perform repairs on tractors. The technician must be proficient in the following systems and able to make complicated repairs in each; engine, suspension/driveline, electrical, computer, air/brake, fuel, HVAC, coolant and exhaust systems.

DESCRIPTION: A class 3 Tractor Technician must be able to hook-up, down, load, and diagnosis ECU related problems. Read/understand a troubleshooting tree and use a multi-meter. Be able to replace parts in all of the various systems of a tractor, service a wheel end, replace a wheel seal, perform brake stroke measurement, replace brake shoes, service the HVAC system, service the air/brake system and use ta torque wrench. Must be able to in frame an engine, replace a clutch, run an overhead, and perform advanced diagnosis/failure analysis.


  • This position is an advance level tractor technician position
  • Minimum 3 4 years’ experience as a Diesel/Tractor Technician, previous Tech School or Apprenticeship program is a plus
  • Understands air brake systems, compressor, air dryer, leveling valves, brake chambers and multiple valves
  • Understands brake stroke measurements and how to perform a brake stroke measurement test
  • Understands and possess basic diesel computer knowledge and skills, ECU and related interface modules
  • Understands advance troubleshooting, computer, diagnostics trees, mechanical troubleshooting, failure analysis
  • Understands wheel and repair/replacement procedures, hubs wheel seals
  • Understands advanced HVAC system, troubleshooting, leak testing using various methods, evacuation and recharging
  • Understands the fuel system, fuel pump, injectors, high pressure lines
  • Understands exhaust, EGR and SCR system, turbochargers, previous EGR and SCR training is a plus
  • Understands the coolant system, troubleshooting, leak testing, use of refractometer
  • Understands advance electrical systems, voltage, amperage, ohms, troubleshooting trees, schematics, abs,
  • stability control, multiplicity circuitry, communication circuitry, lighting, etc.
  • Understands how to use a multi-meter and a dial indicator
  • Understands torque specifications and how to use a torque wrench
  • Able to read and write and communicate effectively
  • Understands basic math


  • Federal Brake Inspector Certification
  • Annual Federal Inspector Certification
  • Air System Certification
  • IMAC or other AC/Refrigerant Certification


  • Full set of hand tools both standard and metric as well as basic air tools
  • Complete roll around tool boxes, top and bottom sets
  • Torque wrench
  • Multi-meter


  • Must be able to stand long periods of time and to lift 85Lbs
  • Must be able to squat, kneel and climb up and down several times a day


  • Must have current driver license and good driving record
FMS Tractor Technician (T3)

The primary function of a Tractor Technician 3, is to perform repairs on tractors.

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